Our Products

5 Gallon Bottled Water
$7.00 per bottle

Security Deposit: $10.00 per bottle (if you do not have empty bottles) 

1.5L Bottled Water
$24.00 per case

1.5L bottles (12 - count case)

1L Ultra Bottled Water
$23 per case

1L bottles (12 - count case)

20oz Ultra Bottled Water
$22.00 per case

20oz bottles (24 - count case)

12oz Ultra Bottled Water
$21.00 per case

12oz bottles (24 - count case)

10oz Premium Bottled Water

10oz bottles (24 - count case)

Cone Cups
$165.00 per case

Case (25): $165.00 

Sleeve: $8.00 

Dolphin Pump
$35.00 per pump

Dolphin brand pumps are considered the most reliable and longest-lasting closed-loop external centrifugal pump utilized within efficient system design and operations. 

Coolers Black & White
For Rent Only

Hot & Cold Cooler: $20.00 per month 

Cold Cooler: $15.00 per month 

Security Deposit: $75.00

Shower Head and Filter
Shower Head: $89.00 / Filter: $45.00

Trust your body to the Le Bleu Shower Filtration System (SFS-2001 System). It effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants, providing healthier, cleaner shower water as well as saving water, energy and money.